What is it all about?

Bike4Hearing is a fundraising event which allows me to combine a personal biking dream with raising money for a wonderful non-profit organization that is very dear to me: the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

Hi, my name is Heinz Ruch. I grew up in Switzerland and always had a dream. I wanted to ride my bicycle from Switzerland all the way down the Italian boot to Sicily. Of course I never got to do it, because it involves a certain amount of time. I married my wonderful wife Carole, started a family (we are blessed with two young fine men, Dominik and Eric), developed my career and moved with my family to Minneapolis, MN in the United States about 10 years ago. This kept me busy with no time to pursue my dream.

After working as an International C-Level Executive in the Hearing Aid Industry for more than 22 years, I decided to take a break from the hectic life I was living. This comes with the opportunity to spend more time in Naples FL where we are remodeling our house with the goal to eventually move to on a permanent bases.

These circumstances finally opened the door for me to have a shot to fulfill my dream. Instead of riding down the Italian boot, I altered the plan slightly to ride my bicycle from Minneapolis, MN to Naples, FL. What a wonderful opportunity to follow the Mississippi river through a number of states and finally ride along the Gulf Coast to Naples.

In my most recent role as Executive Vice President Americas for the Amplifon Group, I was also in charge of Miracle-Ear. The re-establishment of the Miracle-Ear Foundation was very dear to me since I am a firm believer, that successful companies have a moral obligation to give back to society. It is wonderful opportunity that now I can combine my dream while continuing to support the Miracle-Ear foundation.

The Miracle-Ear Foundation┬« is a certified not-for-profit organization and is designed to support underserved Americans (children and adults) with a limited income and no other resources for hearing aids, such as insurance, Medicaid, VA, or other state or federal programs. You will find more information about the Foundation under the tab “Miracle-Ear Foundation”. Please help me to support this great cause by making a donation. Your support will help me to push through every obstacle on my way; cramps, flat tires, rainy days, hot streets etc. because with every mile behind me, your relevant donation will help somebody in America to improve their quality of life by giving them the gift of sound.

Thank you for your consideration!