Day 1 Hastings MN

Every journey starts with a first step. In my case with the first rotation of my crank shaft. This morning I left my house in MN at 7:50 slightly ahead of time.

What a beautiful morning. A bit on the chilly side but nothing to complain about. I was heading East in order to reach the Mississippi River. After a good hour I reached downtown Minneapolis. What a great view:

I will follow the Mississippi river all the way to Memphis TN. Isn’t that cool?

I got lost and one of the junctions of the bike trails (there are so many). This has added quite some miles (about 10). But I also passed world renowned Guthrie Theater:

The wind was starting to freshen up and a consistent stiff breeze of 10 to 15 mph was blowing in my face. This will be the case until Wednesday. Then I hope to get some help with tailwind. I took my first break at the Veteran Home of MN. They let me use the restroom. What a great facility:

After 65 miles I reached Hastings MN a nice little town on the Mississippi River. I used close to 4,000 calories to get here. I will have a nice dinner with no worries about size😀.

I feel ok. Tired but not exhausted. First day completed. Yeah!!! Tomorrow I hopefully can report from world famous Wabasha, location of the movie Grumpy Old Men. Ciao!

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