Day 2 Wabasha MN

I left Hastings at about 8:30. It took me a long time to fall asleep. My legs were on fire. Nevertheless I felt good in the morning. The route was leading me to my first stop, Red Wing MN. The wind did not subside over night and came steady at me with about 10 mph. That’s a real test whether your mentally ready. I stopped in Red Wing and look what I saw:

It is the America on her way from St. Paul to New Orleans. 96 guest rooms are available on board and the trip takes 2 weeks (3 weeks upstream).

The route was continuing over land and not along the Mississippi River and I was fully exposed to the wind. Tough stretch. Finally I reached the shore of Lake Pepin. Beautiful but you get a sense of how windy it was:

Now my route was following Lake Pepin through Lake City to Wabasha. The bluffs were finally protecting from the wind and I picked up speed immediately.

Shortly after 1:00 pm I arrived my destination, Wabasha MN. Supposedly the oldest city in MN.

Obviously already ready for Oktoberfest😀. My wife Carole decided to drive down and visit me. What a great surprise. We ate at Sloppery’s, the restaurant out of Grumpy Old Man. It is right on the river. What a beautiful day with live music:

Back at the hotel and the Grumpy Old Men are all over the place:

Time to relax now and watch some football games. Tomorrow I have a longer stretch ahead of me (54 miles today). I will also cross over to WI and leave MN. Destination is La Crosse.

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