Day 3 La Crosse WI

I was on my bicycle again at 8:30 am. Looks like I have my routine figured out. Breakfast becomes really important since you have to fuel up. My ride led me to Kellogg MN on my way to Winona MN.

Shortly after passing Kellogg I saw a huge American Eagle landing just next to the highway. What a beautiful bird, majestic! Unfortunately I was to slow to get my phone out to take a picture. But the white head and tail made it clear it was an American Eagle. Really cool.

Another 10 miles in to the ride I felt that my rear tire had lost just a bit of air pressure. When I was checking on it, I got the phone call I was anxiously awaiting. Our builder in FL called with a status report on our house in Naples. He reported no damages to the house, neither from the Hurricane wind, nor from the storm surge. What a relief. Even my boat, which was tied down on the boat lift, had no damage. Thank you so much for your wishes and prayers. We dodged a big one!

I mad good pace to Winona, surely supported by the good news. There, I checked in a bike store on my tire pressure (needed a bit of air) and regrouped for the second half.

In Winona I crossed over the Mississippi River and left MN:

Bye bye MN.

I continued on the WI side. I have to admit that the roads in WI are better maintained than in MN. I like the sign America’s Byways:

The wind was picking up again and I had to pedal harder. I took a side road to reach a little town called Trempealeau on the river. An indication that French fur traders were first to explore the territory.

From there I continued into the wind to La Crosse which I reached at 2:00 pm.

La Crosse WI is the biggest town in the SW of WI. It is home to three colleges. University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, Viterbo University and Western Technical College.

I will relax, carb up and watch the Football game. Go Vikings!

5 thoughts on “Day 3 La Crosse WI”

  1. Sounds like a magical trip.I happy that your Naples house is ok…so many are not.Ride safe and I will look for your next post. Ron


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