Day 4 Prairie Du Chien WI

I didn’t sleep ver well last night. I think I ate something which didn’t do me good. So I was a bit worried how my day will be. Again I left La Crosse WI at around 8:30 am. It was hazy but already pretty warm. I decided not to put on my knee warmers.

The route was leading me 80 to 90% of the time along the Mississippi River. After about one hour one scenic spot after the next popped up:

The bluffs on the MN side were in the fog. The River exudes a calming atmosphere. It’s hard to describe.

Further down the river I took a closer look at one of the locks built and maintained by the US Corps of Engineers:

There I met an older couple. They had just retired after decades of farming and are now touring their home state WI. Very sweet. They asked a lot of questions about my trip. I’m sure they were thinking that I must be crazy😀.

The river kept flowing alongside my route and the scenery was just beautiful:

There is a railway track also following the Mississippi River and there was quit some traffic. Long trains!!

While the first 75% of my trip were very flat, my last 25% were a steady up and down along the bluffs like on a roller coaster. Fortunately the wind had subsided so I didn’t mind it too much.

I arrived after 65 miles in Prairie Du Chien WI. I am feeling ok despite warmer temperatures. Across the river is not anymore MN but IA.

There is not much to see, but here are some facts;

“Often referred to as Wisconsin’s second oldest city,[5] Prairie du Chien was established as a European settlement by French voyageurs in the late seventeenth century. The city is located near the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, a strategic point along the Fox-Wisconsin Waterway that connects the Great Lakes with the Mississippi.”

One thought on “Day 4 Prairie Du Chien WI”

  1. What an amazing trip. I feel like I am reading a great book and can’t wait for
    Next chapter. Eric wants to know if you will be near St. Louis. Keeping biking
    And be safe. Sandy kittner


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