Day 5 Dubuque IA

My plan was to ride to Cassville and take the ferry across the river, but unfortunately they operate only on the weekends after Labor Day. So I took a different route a bit more inland.

It started out hazy again but it was a beautiful atmosphere:

I made good pace before I reached Lancaster. Then I had to climb quite a bit to reach this little town in the middle of farmland. It is the county seat of Grant County with an impressive County House:

From there I thought the route will lead me downwards to the river again. What a misconception. I followed Stage Rd parallel to HW 61 and things started to get interesting. Wasn’t WI supposed to be flat. Well I was talking about a roller coaster road yesterday but it was nothing in comparison. Yesterday was like a ride on “It’s a small world”-a bit annoying but quite ok. Stage Rd was like riding the Colosseum. Steep ramps over and over again. I got a real good interval training. Not because I wanted to, because I had to. At the end my Garmin showed me that I climb 2,800 ft on this route.

Nevertheless I reached Dickeyville. What a name. I took HW 61 until I realized it had become a real highway and I took the next exit😀.

Shortly before Dubuque I crossed the state line to Il.

Then I crossed the Mississippi River and I crossed also into IA. Three states in one day.

I booked a room in the historic Hotel Julien. The appealing attraction was that they have a Spa. I couldn’t resist and got myself a well deserved massage. What a treat.

Dubuque has a lot of history and old, impressive buildings:

Court House

Grand Opera

Tower Clock

Dubuque was establish by Julien Dubuque, a Québécois adventurer who arrived in 1785.

Tomorrow I will follow the Mississippi River again😀.

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