Day 7 Muscatine IA

After my grueling day yesterday, my plan was to cycle the 35 miles to Davenport IA and then see how I feel. I started shortly before 9:00 am and arrived in Davenport at 11:00 am. I felt good and decided to continue to Muscatine.

The Mississippi River is already impressive in its size as you can see from the picture I took shortly before arriving in Davenport:

Davenport is the largest city of the Quad-Cities a region of 4 counties in NW IL and SE IA consisting of 5 cities (Davenport IA, Bettendorf IA, Moline IL, East Moline IL and Rock Island IL) with a combined population of almost 400k.

The terrain was flat (thanks God) and the wind was lateral so not an issue.

I kept pedaling towards Muscatine through Buffalo IA along the Mississippi River. It started to really warm up and we were heading towards 90 degrees F.

I stopped to take another picture:

There are so many rivers I crossed already, which flow into the Mississippi River. That’s why it keeps growing in size.

I needed another stop at the State Fish Hatchery before I reached Muscatine IA.

Muscatine is a unique city name in the US and may have derived from the Mascouten Native American Tribe who lived nearby in the 17th Century. Before its final name, the city was also known as Bloomington, Newburg and Casey’s Landing.

This was an enjoyable day with flat terrain and good winds. That’s why I was able to do another 63 miles.

Tomorrow will be a slightly shorter ride. I left MN Saturday a week ago and I can’t believe how far I have come. I’ll keep you posted.

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