Day 9 Keokuk IA

As predicted it rained overnight and also in the morning. I had to wait for the rain to subside but my plan was anyhow to take it easy and I mapped out a route to Keokuk IA. Hannibal MO was too far and going further than Keokuk didn’t make any sense. I have to hit Hannibal since after Hannibal there are no hotels en route till Troy MO. The wind changed from S to SE to N. For the first time I had tailwind. What a new feeling. I was flying.

I reached Fort Madison after a bit more than an hour. There I crossed the Mississippi River and continued on the IL side.

The size of the river is now quite impressive. The wind was pushing me and I really enjoyed the ride. At Hamilton I took a right on US route 136. Route 136 is famous for many aspects:

I crossed over the Mississippi to reach Keokuk.

Keokuk was named after the Sauk chief Keokuk. It is located in the extreme SE corner of IA. Tomorrow I will cross into MO.

Keokuk was a longtime home of Orion Clemens, brother of. Samuel Clemens, better know as Mark Twain. Samuel’s visits to his brother’s home led him to write of the beauty of Keokuk and SE IA in Life on the Mississippi.

By the way Mark twain is a steamboat term meaning the river is two fathoms deep and safe to navigate. Samuel Clemens, a licensed steamboat pilot, took this term as his famous pen name, Mark Twain.

Just after the bridge I visited a steamboat museum and learnt a lot about steamboating in the 1920ies.

These kind of steamboats, built in the twenties and thirties, produced 1,400 HP but were replaced in the fifties and sixties by Diesel engine boats with up to 5,000 HP.

I liked the Pilot HousešŸ˜€:

I checked in to my hotel and I was on the look out for a restaurant. Look what I found:

Vera, I didn’t know you had a restaurant in this part of the world. There is a neat story how this restaurant was named Vera (hope you can read it on a big screen):

Peggy was my host and she did an outstanding job. Vera’s is a microbrewery with excellent beer and food. Peggy suggested the breaded pork tenderloin, a Midwestern specialty and it was no disappointment. She also proposed to finish with a chocolate cheesecake baked by the baker on staff. It was delicious. Thank you so much for your hospitality:

I had a fun and enjoyable day. Tomorrow I will head towards Hannibal MO. Wind direction will change again,but that’s life.

7 thoughts on “Day 9 Keokuk IA”

  1. What an adventure you are having and great people you are meeting. It is fun to hear of your experiences and see the pictures. May the wind continue to be at your back!


  2. Die Tage vergehen wie im Flug, mir scheint, dass wir dich erst hƤtten abfahren sehen in MN. Es freut uns, jeden
    Tag von dir zu lesen, und wir sind glĆ¼cklich, dass es dir gesundheitlich gut geht und dir die Velostrapazen
    nicht allzu stark zusetzen. Es ist unglaublich, wie viele km du bereits abgespult hast. Super!!
    Das Velofahren kann zwar auf die Dauer eintƶnig und langweilig sein, aber du kompensiert dies dann am
    jeweiligen Ankunftsort mit unverhofften Begegnungen. Gut so!
    Leider gab es anfƤnglich Probleme mit dem Uebermitteln der Kommentare, deshalb die Funkstille unsererseits.
    Nun klappts aber. Wir verfolgen deine Fahrt auf der Karte, sind also gedanklich mit von der Partie.
    Wir wĆ¼nschen dir weiterhin eine unfallfreie Fahrt und warten gespannt auf den neuen Blog mit den
    eindrĆ¼cklichen Bildern.LG


  3. My husband and I own V’s Restaurant and Brewpub, Peg just showed this to me! Thank you for stopping in! Good luck on your travels! I will be in Naples in October , I hope you make it home safely!!


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