Day 11 Troy MO

It rained last night in Hannibal but after it was over I saw this nice rainbow:

That’s good luck for the route.

I started late this morning. It was very foggy in the morning but the prediction was that temperatures will raise to the 90ies. Official begin of fall is at the end of the week and it feels like in the middle of summer.

The route had no attractions and I was following for 32 miles mostly HW 61 also called Avenue de Saints because it connects St. Paul MN with St. Louis MO.

After 32 miles I had enough of the HW and I took a right to a state HW. They use letters like in IL and WI. I.e. HW BB or HW Z. The terrain on HW 61 was already hilly but these State HW are really tough. Not only did I add substantially more miles to my journey, I also had to return on HW H since they were rebuilding a bridge. Bummer.

At the end I did 76 miles and I had to climb almost 3,100 ft. The heat index was 96 degrees F, so not really a walk in the park.

Finally at the hotel I met a fellow cyclist. His name is Bill. He is 68 years old and en route from Chicago to Baton Rouge. Respect!! He was a bike mechanic and wanted to see my bike. He knows more about my bike than I do. We compared routes and had a nice talk. And you thought that I am crazy😀.

< img src=”; height=”3024″ class=”wp-image-179″ width=”4032″><<
at an inspiration. Keep pedaling.

I am eating as much as I can since I used about 4,500 kcal just on the ride.

I want to start early the next couple of days. Temperatures are predicted to be at 95 degrees F. Cheers!

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