Day 12 St. Clair MO

It was either wishful thinking or exhaustion that I labeled yesterday’s blog as Day 12. Today was Day 12 and my journey led me to St. Clair. Before I start here are some wise words:

My plan was to follow HW 61 for about 9 miles and then to take State HW W towards Washington. All started out according to plan. Just before I reached junction W there was construction in progress and the wide shoulder I was using disappeared. Imagine, morning rush, 2 lanes and no shoulder. I decided to life a bit longer and I took a right on a side road.

I was immediately back in the hills. A deja vu from yesterday. And from here on I didn’t have 500 yards of flat road till I reached St. Clair. Flat obviously doesn’t exist in MO or I haven’t found it yet. To make it even more exciting, the wind came at me as well. Double the trouble. And I thought I had an easy day! The icing on the cake was that the temperatures rose quickly to over 90° F. It was not only physically tough, it also became a mind game.

I choose this route to avoid St. Louis entirely. There are too many things going on right now and I didn’t want to end up in the wrong neighborhood.

In Washington I crossed the Missouri River:

The Missouri River is the longest river in North America. It originates in the Rocky Mountains of western Montana and flows in the Mississippi in St. Louis MO.

It was explored by the Lewis and Clark Expedition but not without tragedy:

It seems that many settlers in MO originate from Germany, Washington included:

Anyhow I was very happy to reach St. Clair. Temperatures now are 95° F and it is humid on top of it. I might have to start even earlier tomorrow since there is no change in sight. I pray for flatter roads but I have a feeling that this will happen only in Cape Girardeau when I am back on the river side. Tomorrow will be a new day!

2 thoughts on “Day 12 St. Clair MO”

  1. Keep going my adventurous husband! I remember a time when I had to follow you and your bike with the car over the Gotthard pass….. Yeah, you were slightly younger (just a tiny bit…) but just as determined to make it. The only thing different is, that you don’t have a bike buddy (right Peter???). So keep pedaling. Can’t wait to see you at some point. I will bring you some clothes for dinner and SUNSCREEN. 🙂


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