Day 14 Cape Girardeau MO

Again an early start, particularly since I had over 70 miles ahead of me and temperatures were predicted in the mid 90ies:

It was hazy again and an indication that it was not only hot but also humid.

The first miles were rather flat and I made good time. A couple words about drivers in MO. I know that most Missourians are very nice people. But boy there are some angry people behind the wheel. I had no issue in MN, WI, IA and IL. Ever since in MO I got flipped the bird at least 5 times for no other reason that I was cycling. Very strange. This morning a particularly angry driver drove next to me with his windows down and lashed out a series of profanities of which half I didn’t even understand. What is wrong with these people. If there is no shoulder I can’t disappear!

Shortly after this unpleasant incident there was a historic marker:

I hope you can read it!

I continued and I was back in the hills:

One of the ramps to climb (picture from yesterday). I don’t know how many of these I did.

After about half the distance the unthinkable happened. FLAT TIRE. I couldn’t believe it. It was the rear tire. I had no other choice than to pull over. Luckily it was right in front of a gas station. I replaced the tube, pumped it up and was on my way again.

I still reached Cape Girardeau before the Fall heat got me. It is unbelievable how hot and humid it is. The two hurricane jam-log the weather pattern and it will remain this way till next Wednesday. Then finally the temperatures should drop to the mid 70ies👍. This of course is nothing in comparison to the havoc Hurricane Maria left behind on Puerto Rico. I hope Gene Gomez and his family are safe!!

I had a couple of tough days. The last 4 days I ascended over 13,000 ft (and of course what goes up must come down). I have been cycling for 14 days straight and did over 900 miles. I decided to have a day off tomorrow to give my body, and even more so my mind, a break. I will explore Cape Girardeau tomorrow which has quite some things to see.

Today I took care about my bicycle. I exchanged the rear tire and got two new spare tubes:

The guys from Cyclewerx did a great job and were also performing a routine check. Everything good to go. They gave me also some tips for my ride to Memphis TN. I should be arriving there in 3 days. Carole is going to meet me in Memphis which is about half way. Can’t wait.

I will take a couple days off there and should be ready for the second half.

4 thoughts on “Day 14 Cape Girardeau MO”

  1. Wow, these drivers for sure can be happy they didn’t meet me! Angry wives can be worse than a hurricane. Wacking heads with loaded mom purses and some. Just booked my flight to Memphis. Meeting up with hubby AND Elvis – what a treat!


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