Day 15 Cape Girardeau MO

Good thing I took a day off. I needed to do something else for my mind. After sleeping in, I decided to check out old Cape Girardeau.

The cape played a role in Ulysses S. Grant career as well as in the Civil War:

Fort D is one of the fortifications left from these days:

Like so many places on the Mississippi, Cape Girardeau was established by a French-Canadian:

Did you know?

The Mississippi River still today is an important transport route. Finally I was able to see one of the huge river boats pushing a heavy load of container boats upstream. Very impressive and faster then I thought. Must be hard to steer such a long boat:

Otherwise old town Cape Girardeau is undergoing revitalization. It was pretty run down. Over the old town sits the Common Pleas Courthouse:

I am charged up enough for the next three days. I will cross over to KY because I want to see the confluence of the Ohio River with the Mississippi River. I’ll keep you posted!

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