Day 17 Covington TN

Today’s goal was to get close to Memphis TN.

The sun was rising again in spectacular fashion:

The weather pattern remains the same for 2 more days (hot and humid) but then it should be colder (mid 70ies) and drier air is moving in.

My route led me first to Newbern TN. As you might know Bern is the Capital of Switzerland, but I couldn’t find any link to Bern Switzerland:

I proceeded to Dyersburg TN:

TN was the last state to secede from the Union. The East of TN was pro-union while the West was pro-confederacy. The mid section was tipping the scale towards secession. Only VA saw more battles in the civil war but only in TN every county experienced battles or skirmishes.

Finally after more than 75 miles I reached Covington TN. It is less than 40 miles to the city limit of Memphis TN. I am not yet sure how to drive through Memphis. The East side seems to be safe but the airport area looks dangerous. I’ll figure it out.

3 thoughts on “Day 17 Covington TN”

  1. What a journey so far – it’s great to follow you and to read about all the adventures – enjoy Memphis and say hi to Elvis for me ;-).


  2. Just starting to read and see all of this – what an incredible experience you are having – your strength and determination is just incredible!!! And you are teaching me and the kids all kinds of things we never knew about so many places – love these blogs – Ride on and stay strong Heinz – we are all cheering for you on the sidelines!


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