Day 21 New Albany MS

Back on the saddle. Temperatures were perfect this morning. 60° F and dry, what a change to the last days.

Shortly after the Memphis International Airport I crossed the state line to Mississippi state. One thing is clear; MS ain’t flat either. At the end I was ascending /descending almost 2,900 ft.

After about 20 miles I had a first sight at what is typical for MS, swamps:

About half way I passed Holly Springs. Here European settlers established the Chalmers Institute which became the University of Holly Springs, the oldest University in Mississippi (1837).

There was another College building I passed which has become a historical site:

In 1866 the Rust College was established and had remained as a private college and in town. Rust College is a historically black liberal arts college. It is one of ten historically black colleges and universities established before 1868 that is still operating. Rust College is the second oldest private college in state.

Holly Springs also played a role in the Civil War:

After Holly Springs I was cycling through the Holly Spring National Forest. Very beautiful

Temperatures were still in the mid 70ies and the wind was coming from behind. Despite the ascending and descending terrain I made good time and reached New Albany in good time.

I have been riding through some ghost towns in MS which is depressing. Here is another example just before New Albany:

The huge complex is in ruins and deserted.

Tomorrow should be less hilly and I hope the wind blows in the same direction.

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