Day 22 West Point MS

I forgot to mention that William C. Faulkner, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature of 1949 was born in New Albany MS.

It was pretty fresh this morning and I had to put on my sleeve warmers. Twisted world, I would have expected to do this up North not in the Deep South. But it was very pleasant not to be soaking wet after 20 minutes.

Directly in New Albany the Tanglefoot Trail starts. This is a conversion from a former railway road into a trail:

So for 43.5 miles no traffic, beautiful landscape through wood, great infrastructure with restrooms every so often and great paving. What a great trail! I can only recommend. The trail ends in Houston MS.

There I saw this:

After Houston my GPS directed me to take the Natchez trail. Everything started fine with the exception that 3 times I was chased by several dogs. After a few miles the paved road became gravel. Here we go again. Under no circumstances I wanted to ride on gravel again. A young farmer was just driving by and I stopped him and asked him whether the gravel was just temporarily or whether it will be permanent until West Point. Unfortunately it was the latter. He suggested first that I drive back to HW 8 but I didn’t want to go back and I also didn’t want to pass the dogs again. He then redirected me on 389/46 and although it added about 7 miles I took this route.

It became quite a grind but after 87 miles I finally made it. Tomorrow I will already leave MS and will cross into AL.

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