Day 24 Selma AL

It is hard to write a blog after what I’ve seen on TV about the Las Vegas shooting. Just horrible. My sincere condolences to the families of the victims and my best wishes to the many injured as well as to the survivors of this tragic incident.

Therefore I will be short. I started a bit later this morning since I was still a bit tired from yesterday. I was right back where I left yesterday, back on the dreaded HW 82, no shoulder, hills and merciless wind for 30 miles. Traffic was light and that helped a lot.

Finally I was able to get off HW 82 and I took a right on State route 219 to Selma. A good 43 miles going S and wind now finally laterally.

I arrived in Selma in due time. All the hotels are about 3.5 miles from the famous bridge. So I had to cycle downtown:

There are some more historical markers in Selma but downtown is decaying. Very sad but in light of the shooting not so important.

How many more shootings do we have to go through before things will change? Not a good day for America.

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