Day 26 Troy AL

It was a beautiful morning. Great cycling temperatures. I made my way out of Montgomery a city I really liked. Lots of history and so many things to see.

As soon as I was at the outskirts of Montgomery my GPS guided me on US 231. Not what I wanted. Small shoulder, lots of traffic. I decided to take a right and follow County Rd 39 instead. That was a good move. No traffic and beautiful landscape although pretty hilly.

Farmland with all kinds of animals (cows, horses and goats).

The rest was uneventful, but I liked the ride. I kind of miss the Mississippi River because there is always something interesting to see. My stages are a bit shorter than the ones after Memphis since there are more hotels to choose from. I’m not unhappy. Close to 90 miles is really long if you ride every day.

A couple words about road kill. You can’t imagine how many dead animals are lying on the side of the street. I’d say in average a dead animal ever 1 to 2 miles. I have seen pretty much everything (deer, raccoon, snakes, armadillo, etc.). That’s a lot of dead animals

I arrived in due time in Troy AL. Troy is home to Troy University, a public university of the Alabama school system. They have a division 1 NCAA football team. They were upsetting LSU last Saturday. Pretty big win.

Tomorrow I will be off to Dothan, my last stop in AL before I quickly cross in to GA. And the I will already be in FL.

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