Day 27 Dothan AL

Another beautiful morning. Perfect temperatures but very windy again. I was heading South and the first place of interest I was hitting was Brundidge, AL:

A lady offered to take a picture. Very nice. We started to talk about my ride. Once she learned about my connections to hearing aids she inquired about solutions for her mother. I gave her the full spiel of brain deprivation, prevalence of dementia and other cognitive decline. Hopefully it made a difference. She thanked me and sent me on my way with best wishes, suggestions for a Chrisitian radio station and a bible app she is using. Yes we are in the Bible Belt.

I kept on riding on side roads and there is probably every other mile a church, predominately Baptist Churches:

After another couple of miles I saw for the first time permanent palm trees. Yes, I am really down South. The Gulf Coast is less than 100 miles away:

At my next stop at a Dollar General store I chatted with the associate about my ride. She told me how people were preparing for Irma by literally emptying the store. She also sent me on my way with best wishes.

Next stop was Ozark:

Here I met an older Gentleman. He was inquiring as well about my ride. He sent me on my way with an R-rated joke to cheer me up, as he said.

I made my way N of Fort Rucker to Dothan. Fort Rucker is the United States Aviation Center Of Excellence and the primary flight training base for Army Aviation. Tom Tedeschi was stationed at Fort Rucker for training as a paratrooper before he was deployed to Vietnam. Thank you for your service Tom!

I finally reached Dothan, the Peanut Capital of the World. I am and the far SE corner of AL. The Georgia state line is 20 miles W and the FL state line is only 16 miles S.

I try to make it as quickly as possible to Tallahassee, the capital of FL. There I will have to see how Tropical Storm Nate is going to develop. It could potentially develop in to a Hurricane Cat 1. Right now they predict a landfall in LA or MS on Sunday. We will see.

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