Day 28 Bainbridge GA

Still nice weather this morning and I’m on my way. Still hilly in AL and wind as usual not pushing. I think I only had one day where the wind was truly helping me. After a bit more than 30 miles I crossed the GA state line:

By crossing the state line I also entered in to Eastern Time Zone. AL and GA are separated by the Chattahoochee River:

Finally some flatter terrain in GA. I have been going up and down hills for the last 6 days!

I finally reached Bainbridge. Here I saw this his:

Long before the pilgrims came to America the Spanish Explorer and Conquistador Hernando de Soto lead an expedition deep into the Southern part of America:

Hernando de Soto and his men were the first Europeans to cross the Mississippi River. De Soto died in 1542 on the banks of the Mississippi River in Arkansas or Louisiana.

He was looking for gold and a passage to China or the Pacific Coast.

Tropical Storm Nate is making its way to the Gulf Coast. It will make landfall in LA as a Cat 1 hurricane on Sunday. Wind will be strong tomorrow. Another interesting day.

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