Day 29 Tallahassee FL

I had a short stage to the capital of FL. Winds were not as bad as I expected but it was super muggy. After minutes I was soaking wet. It was not as flat as I expected but the inclines were not very steep.

After a bit less than half the distance I crossed the state line. No sign was indicating the change from one state to the next.

My left hamstring has been bothering me the last two days after a misstep while shopping for supplies in Troy. It was ok this morning after I did Yoga last night, but it came back in the second half. I will have time to take care about it the next two days. It is especially bothering when going uphill. The good thing is that I do not expect a lot of terrain changes in FL.

After 2.5 hours I reached Tallahassee and passed the old and new State Capitol:

The new Capitol is tall and I think it is the third tallest State Capitol in the nation (photo Wikipedia).

I will explore more of Tallahassee tomorrow. There is some rain in the forecast and Nate is predicted to make landfall later tonight SE of New Orleans.

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