Day 31 Perry FL

I left early this morning although this is relative. Sun rise is at 7:39 am due to the fact that I am much further down South. Temperatures were already at 77° F but more significant was the the dew point was at the sane temperature which means that it was extremely humid.

I made my way out of Tallahassee and was soon on a converted railroad trail, the Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail. Beautiful ride. No wind and I was cruising.

I took a left onto US 98 which led me through the Aucilla Wild Life Management Area. No hills whatsoever. A new experience. The weather was holding and I got lucky with rain. Twice it was raining ahead of me since the road was wet, but my ride was dry.

My speed was about 4 miles higher in average than over the last days due to the flat terrain and I arrived in Perry shortly after 12:00 pm.

Since I wasn’t sure whether the weather was fine this morning, I didn’t make any hotel reservation ahead of time. To my surprise my favorite hotels (Hampton Inn and Holiday) didn’t have any rooms available, hence I booked a room at the Royal Inn Motel. A classical Motel. Rooms are ok. It offers almost everything I need (bed, shower, microwave, refrigerator, Airconditioning, no breakfast, no laundry):

Perry doesn’t offer any attractions, so I try to rejuvenate and prepare for tomorrow.

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