Day 32 Chiefland FL

Same procedure as yesterday. 77° F already at 7:30 am. The first part was along US 98. It has a good shoulder but it was pretty boring. On a Highway there is not much to see and it becomes boring, particularly if you have stretches of 10 or more miles without any change of direction. You got to keep your mind busy in order to stay concentrated. It is heating up quickly these days. When you swim in your shoes, you know that it is hot and humid. Laundry is very day!

In Cross City I was finally able to pull over and follow the Nature Coast Trail:

Beautiful ride. Tree lines cover the trail and protect from sun and wind.

I have not seen yet the Gulf of Mexico and this might not be the case for another two days. Regardless, the count down for my arrival in Naples has started and I expect to be there in 4 days😎!

Tomorrow looks like a boring day on HW, then I will have two days with long trails. In two days I will visit John Emanuele and his family. Looking forward to it!

3 thoughts on “Day 32 Chiefland FL”

  1. Almost there! Ich drück die Daumen, dass alles weiterhin planmässig verläuft – thanks for sharing your stories – it’s just great to follow your trip.


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