Day 33 Crystal River FL

Beautiful morning again. As mentioned, today I had another transition stage. No where else to go than down HW 98 for 50 miles. The first 25 miles were straight and I mean straight:

Traffic is light and the shoulder is wide. I have to say that road conditions are the best in FL. The shoulder is clean and the roads have no cracks. It also seems that there is a lot more cleaning going on than in other states. Hardly no road kill and trash on the side of the road. You wouldn’t believe what people throw out of the their cars (shoes, clothes, push up inserts for dresses, just to mention a few). What is wrong with these people.

Halfway through I saw this:

Another reminiscence of how important railroads were for the development of the United States and also for Florida. Here is a map of the 1800s of railroad tracks in FL:

Most of them are not in use anymore and were replaced by the highway system. By the way, the Tallahassee-St. Marks Trail I was riding on a couple days ago, was the first authorized railroad in FL.

I was flying down HW 98 and my net moving time was only 2 h 43 min. I think my fastest stage so far.

I reached Crystal River way before noon. Luckily the room was ready at the Hampton Inn. After learning that I was riding for the Miracle-Ear Foundation, the General Manager, Michele McKinney, reduced the rate for my room by $ 20.00:

Thank you for your contribution.

I was checking out one of the attractions in Crystal River, the Three Sister Springs:

Beautiful. Due to the fact that the three Springs release water at a constant temperature of 74° F year round, they have become a retreat for Manatees during cold temperatures in winter. Up to 300 Manatees can be seen during that time. Must be a pretty cool spectacle.

Tomorrow I will have about 15 miles on the HW but the rest will be on the Suncoast Trail. Looking forward to it.

I had to change my route for the last two days. The plan was to reach Port Charlotte and then reach Naples. There must be a big event in Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda since I couldn’t find any hotel rooms. I will now ride to Boca Grande all the way down the coast line. There I will stay a night, take a water taxi to Captiva and will reach Naples through Sanibel/Ft. Myers Beach. This will be anyhow the much more scenic route. Carole will join me in Boca Grande. I’m really looking forward to it.

3 days down in FL – 3 more to go!

2 thoughts on “Day 33 Crystal River FL”

  1. I love that you are sharing the work of the Miracle-Ear Foundation with those you meet along the way! 3 more days! I wonder who is looking most forward to the end of your trek…you or Carole? 🙂


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