Day 34 Palm Harbor/Tampa FL

This morning it was less humid and I think for the first time in a long time the wind was supporting me. I was flying down HW 98 because I wanted to be on the Suncoast Trail as quickly as possible:

Picture taken just before entering the Suncoast Trail.

These trails are perfect. No traffic and during the week not a lot of bikers. The Suncoast Trail is 42 miles long, well maintained and it was a pleasure to ride it. After a bit more than 30 miles I took the Starkey Wilderness Park Trail to go West and after a few more miles on public roads I arrived at John and Colleen’s house. I was really fast today. It was not yet noon and I had done 72 miles. Perfect.

We met Darren Thorsen, another Miracle-Ear Franchisee for a beer and a good chat. Tomorrow John will drive me across the Sky Bridge to Bradenton since I don’t want to drive through the big cities (St. Petersburg/Tampa). It’s no pleasure and dangerous.

We also solved the boat ride from Boca Grande to Captiva. Jim Cash, another Miracle-Ear Franchisee will give me a ride. You can always count on the Miracle-Ear Franchisees. It’s a big family. Thanks a lot for doing this, really appreciated.

Tonight we are going out for a good dinner. John and Colleen are taking good care of me. Thank you very much for your hospitality:

4 down in FL – 2 to go!

3 thoughts on “Day 34 Palm Harbor/Tampa FL”

  1. Thank you Colleen and John for taking such good care of my ‘Forrest Gump’ 🙂 Also big thanks and hugs to Jim. You guys are amazing. I see my hubby tomorrow! Good thing he hasn’t let his beard grow long on his lonely ride 🙂 Pedal hard love!!


  2. Bald bist du um ein grosses Stück Lebensgeschichte reicher. So wünschen wir dir auf dem letzten Teilstück
    deiner langen Fahrt viel , viel Glück und Erfolg. Heb Sorg! Wir freuen uns, dich bald wieder einmal live zu
    sehen und von dir zu erfahren, wie es wirklich war. Geniesse die letzten Kilometer und komme gut in
    Naples an. Bis bald!


  3. This home stretch will be the most fun with familiar faces, good roads, fine weather! You’re almost there!


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