Day 36 Naples FL

I slept like a baby last night and I was ready to tackle my last day. Jim picked me up at 8:30 at Boca Grande Marina and we were on our way. Beautiful and peaceful atmosphere on the water:

Captain Jim Cash dropped me at the South Seas Resort and was on his way back:

Thanks a lot Jim. I truly appreciated it.

I started to pedal at South Seas Resort at the north tip of Captiva. After a couple miles I saw this at the Green Flash Restaurant:

This is truly symbolic. On the right the Swiss Flag flies. Switzerland is the place I was born and raised and of which I have been a citizen. On the left the US flag flies. This is my new home and of which I will become a citizen this Wednesday. I will be sworn in at 9:00 am. It all falls together and it can’t be a coincidence after I have been exploring the United States in a unique way. I am very excited.

I was going down the Sanibel Island and there is still a lot of cleaning going on from Hurricane Irma:

I made it safely over the causeway to Ft. Myers and from there to Ft. Myers Beach:

And then finally I was in Naples. Final destination:

Carole is just amazing. She put all the banners on the house. She has been truly the rock of support and I couldn’t have done it with the freedom in my mind that she is supporting my crazy adventures. Thanks a lot. I love you.

There was a bottle of Champagne ready, sent by Jenni from the Foundation and it was a perfect ending to my trip.

I hope you got a good idea about my adventure and you were able virtually to see all the great places I have been to and to participate in my adventure. I thank you all for cheering me up and for your support whether mentally or in person. I was blessed to meet many friends and interesting people.

I will wrap it up with some stats over the next couple days but for now I will enjoy to do nothing at all.

Cheers and thank you.


13 thoughts on “Day 36 Naples FL”

  1. Sensational Trip!!!! Well done and you Should be proud of your amazing accomplishment. We are all proud of you!!! Thanks for sharing your experience!


  2. Congratulations was great to be a small piece of your journey. You continue to inspire us . You are a great American now and we are happy your here.


  3. Oh my goodness!!! I had no idea until today that you were blogging about your adventure. I enjoyed reading all of your posts about your travels today. What an inspiration! You have the kindest heart to do this for the Foundation. Congrats Heinz.


  4. Congrats Heinz! What an accomplishment! Everyone back in MN is exceedingly amazed of this adventure. Time to put your feet up! Cheers!


  5. First off CONGRATULATIONS! What an amazing adventure! Seeing the two flags as you completed your journey is so fitting given the week you will have. Secondly, thank you! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us and for raising money to support the Miracle-Ear Foundation!


  6. Congratulations Heinz on this amazing accomplishment! It reinforces your exceptional commitment to the Miracle-Ear Foundation and your extraordinary physical stamina…well done!


  7. Dear Heinz – what a great trip – our congrats for this amazing accomplishment – and thx for sharing your experiences via the blog – I was dayliy waiting for your updates enjoying to read through your notes of the tour, seeing some of those nice places – you really rock!
    Looking forward seeing you and of the year – and good luck to you and Carole for being sworn in as US citicens – cheers from Switzerland – h.-p. & conny


  8. Congratulations Heinz on making it to your destination although I had no doubts that you would –just glad you made it safe and sound! Also congratulations on becoming a US citizen! That was really a cool thing to see both flags flying on your home stretch! Enjoy your ceremony on Wednesday- it is an awe-inspiring experience!


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