Miracle-Ear Foundation

The mission of the Miracle-Ear Foundation is to provide tools to empower underserved Americans with hearing loss to enhance their life experiences through the Gift of Sound. Over the past 25 years the Miracle-Ear Foundation has served more than 7,500 children and adults distributing nearly 13,000 hearing aids.

This hearing aid service is called the Gift of Sound program.  With the support of Miracle-Ear stores across North America, the Foundation provides hearing aids and hearing after care services to families or individuals who have incomes that are significantly limited, who are unable to afford the high costs of quality hearing instruments, and who have exhausted all possible resources for their hearing health.

In 2016, the Foundation provided hearing aids and after-care services to 1,359 individuals, an increase of 40% over the previous year.  Because of the generous support of donors, together we helped kids succeed in school; adults thrive in the workforce or enjoy their later years with their grandchildren.

One in 10 Americans – over 30 million people – experiences some degree of hearing loss. Unfortunately, the problem of hearing loss is “growing younger.” Fifteen percent of recent college graduates have as much or more hearing loss than their parents.  An estimated 5%, or two million, of American children 18 years of age and younger suffer from a hearing loss.

Because of this increase in hearing impairment, the Foundation also has a hearing health education and awareness campaigns to address recreational noise–induced hearing loss.  This campaign is called One Day Without Sound.  Individuals can take the pledge to remove hearing from their life for one day to simulate what it might be like to live with a hearing impairment.

While the intent is to educate on simple ways to reduce noise-induced hearing loss including: limiting time with loud noises, walking away from loud sounds, and turning the volume down in addition to using hearing protection.  There is an additional benefit to bring awareness to the difficulty of living with a hearing impairment.  Last more than 50,000 set of ear plugs were distributed during One Day Without Sound!

While it may be easy to underestimate the value of hearing, among those who are hearing impaired the impact is significant and potential to bridge the gap with amplification can mean a miracle for those in need.  If you know of someone who might qualify and need our services, please visit www.miracle-earfoundation.org or a local Miracle-Ear Store today.